Thursday, October 30, 2014

A poetic response to "The Sounds of the Hollyhocks"

The stalky lean flowers sitting on the window sill
The more I look the more intrigued I get.
As I sit on the edge of my bed I hear voices
Singing tunes sweet as honey
They speak a different language
But I can understand it

They are conveying a message
In brisk melodies
Calming my mind and lowering my heartbeat
The memories are coming back
Everything that I tried so hard to get rid of

The sound of the hollyhocks sweet like honey
I miss that sound
I will have to wait till next season when they bloom again


  1. Hey, I enjoyed reading your poem. The use of metaphor and similar were particularly effective.

  2. Dude we have the same title !!!! XDXDXD

  3. Oh really Sam that's cool I'll have to check it out,