Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Simile Poem In the Style of Michael Ondaatje


These 8 years away from you seemed very short
Having each other again feels like being
sewed together by cobwebs 
Your touch tingles me like a feather tickling my nose 
Your warmth is like steaming hot chocolate on a cold winter evening 
Like a memory foam mattress your arms embrace me
Your heartbeat is like a time bomb waiting to go off
Our feet coordinate on the sidewalk Iike 
two metronomes ticking side by side
Your eyes show love and curiosity 
like two stars twinkling in the clear night sky
The rain is like thunder and lightning but
our love is like the Seattle Space Needle 
The sidewalk looks as long as a thick novel by Scúdery  
Our destination does not seem to be achievable
like climbing Mount Everest with no shoes on  
Our love is like an honest politician 
Understanding you is like learning a foreign language but
I am linguistic
You are like the one odd speck of sand in the vast Sahara Desert
You are like a winning lottery ticket number 
You are like my terminal disease 
You are my everything 
You are my destiny

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